Хари (hari_tc) wrote,

Cracky again

As for Cracky herself, she is a very mature, understanding, and forgiving girl. She didn't want to talk about it much, but she hinted that she had been abused before and that was why she cut. She said her life has gotten a lot better now. She never got angry at any of us, she never threatened anything or condemned anyone as stalkers, even when Intro said "good thing you didn't read the rape fantasies thread...". She was incredibly calm and cool about everything, which amazed me because I don't know how I'd react to finding a board full of people stalking me. She even said that she thought a lot of the stuff, especially the fanart, was really funny. However, she wants to be left alone now and said that she won't post any personal photos publicly again, which I think is a shame but understandable.

Yeah! sad_wind нашел поистине замечательный, полный подробностей рассказ о том, как японский юзер peef разговаривал с Cracky-chan и что из этого вышло.
Читается как увлекательная книжка.

Я в который раз испытываю восторг от той интеллигентности, мягкости и спокойной повествовательности, с которой излагают свои мысли люди на английском языке.

И вот это, вот это особенно! Это волшебное, восхительное чувство надежды и безнадежности одновременно.
I know it.

And it still blows my mind to think that Cracky, the Internet meme, the girl in all the pics, now knows about ME. I mentioned that she could email me if she ever wants anything translated. I wonder if she ever will.
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